i'm pictures, not words...

so bear with me here...

If you have a session with me, you will hear those words. My dad, he's words, but me, even though I think I uttered my first words well before a year old, i've always been pictures.


in my photography i have a goal of creating treasured pictures that capture your moment. for my clients that moment is senior year, new babies, milestone birthdays, family gatherings. Or just another wednesday.


i grew up in michigan, doing all the sorts of things a small town and country kid does, riding horses, swimming in lakes, spraining ankles, throwing snowballs, making mud pies. but i was also the one always creating and one of my earliest memories is using scissors, i'm pretty sure i was three. by the time i was in school, i knew i wanted to be an artist. and at ten my grandmother gave me a camera. i have never been far from a pair of scissors or a shutter button since.


colorado is my chosen home. i have lived here longer than i did in michigan, and while you can never take the midwest totally out of the girl, you also can't keep mountain out. i live in denver with my husband, two teen daughters and a lovable chocolate lab.


now i do all the things a grown up living in a city at the foot of the mountains does. I snowboard, bike, and wander mountain trails with that lovable lab. my family loves to travel and try new restaurants. I garden, cook, compost, read, teach art at a non-profit art center and hopefully take pictures that are cherished.


i'd love to capture your moments and learn about what inspires you, or where you are going, or where you have been. everyone has a story, let's talk to create a session that reflects some of your story - in pictures!
















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